Ring-in New Customers with the Right Prospect List

John Griffin Hull, List & Data Manager, Modern Postcard

Choosing the right prospect list to work with can make a huge difference in the victory of your next direct mail campaign. Now that we're officially marketing in 2016, it's a good idea to brush-up on how to select the best list in order to help your business gain new customers and improve sales well beyond the New Year.

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Is Every Door Direct Mail Right for You?

Alanna Vincent, Marketing Product Manager, Modern Postcard

Our team frequently gets inquiries about Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®) and if our company supports it — and our answer is "yes, absolutely!" Modern Postcard supports this service in-house and can eliminate the burden of all of the hand processing that EDDM entails, saving you time and money.

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Holiday Ads: Brands Connect with the Season's Sentiments

Christopher Foster, VP Business Development, Modern Postcard

Most holiday commercials load up on emotional sauce with their pitch. And why not? The holiday season has always been a time of reflection and emotion, and marketers should pay attention to our natural desire to believe the best of the times.

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5 Significant Reasons Why Print is More Valuable than Digital

Graham Jones

If you had to print out the entire Internet, the stack of paper would go further than NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft currently whizzing past Pluto. Thank goodness we do not have to read all that printed information. The fact that the Internet is not printed makes it convenient for us to use.

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How to Launch Your Last-Minute Holiday Campaign

By Alanna Vincent, Marketing Product Manager, Modern Postcard

It's the most wonderful time of the year…for direct mail marketing! Don’t miss the opportunity to stay in front of your clients and prospects this holiday season. Even if you think it’s too late to market (as we enter the second week of December), you can still pull together a successful campaign as long as you have a concept, move swiftly and follow our production timelines.

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Modern Postcard’s project submission and tracking tools, staff responsiveness and quality of the final product all exceeded our expectations. And the timeline was significantly shorter than if we had kept the project in-house.
Dilpreet Jammu
CEO, Convergent Communication Technologies