Why Booklets are Hot + 3 Tested Methods for Standing Out in the Mail

Jessica Biondo, Marketing Communications Associate, Modern Postcard

Orange may be the new black, but Booklets – dare we say– may be the new Postcards! With orders spiking the last few years, it's no surprise Booklets are a hot commodity with their versatility and super-sized design space. We'll go into more detail below. Plus, if you're looking to shake-up your direct marketing mix, be sure to read our trifecta of tested methods, for products and treatments that demand response and stand out in the mail.

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Modern’s Top 3 Bestsellers + Tips to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

Alanna Vincent, Marketing Product Manager, Modern Postcard

With over 70 products and limitless custom options in the Modern Postcard line-up, our top 3 bestsellers comes as no big surprise. They’re our longest running products that still outperform newer products when it comes to order frequency. Which proves: tried and true works for a reason and is still relevant with customers today.

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They Say It’s Your Birthday

Jeanine Norlin, Marketing Program Manager, Modern Postcard

As another 29th birthday approaches for me, I’m reminded of the power of marketing around this personal milestone. I absolutely love seeing what brands send me in the mail on my birthday. There’s something about a special promotion – just for me on my unique day – that entices me to take advantage of the offer.

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7 Ideas for More B2B Direct Mail Sales Leads

M. H. “Mac” McIntosh, CBC

When I provide direct mail marketing solutions for my clients, I have found that these tips increase direct mail sales leads and response.

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DMCC New York City: What’s New in The Big Apple

Keith Goodman, VP Corporate Solutions, Modern Postcard

I am sitting in my hotel room overlooking Times Square with snow flurries just starting – quite different from the pleasant weather back home in Carlsbad. What brought me to the Big Apple? I’ve been hosting our Direct Mail Crash Course Seminars all week at the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Headquarters in New York City. It’s been a great week, full of new faces and new stories – and before I fly out to my next seminar in Cincinnati, I’d like to share my NYC experience.

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I used Modern Postcard for laying out and printing announcements for my exhibition. I am so glad that I did. All I sent them was a photograph and the text. They did wonders with the layout. The colors of the photograph are perfect. The layout is neat and easy to read. When I hand people the announcement they are all very impressed. Modern Postcard, YOU ROCK.
Lydia Cordova
Peazey Head Productions