Direct mail drives online purchasing

By Fred Hernandez, Director of Marketing, Modern Postcard

A natural tendency for marketers is to assume that online purchases are mainly driven by online marketing. What some may not realize is that offline advertising is highly effective in driving customers online to buy. In their recent 2009 Channel Preference Study, e-mail service provider Exact Target found that 76% of Internet users have been directly influenced to buy an item or service thanks to direct mail.Our own experience here at Modern Postcard supports that research. One the most successful ways that our customers use direct mail is to drive customers to their websites. Some of the most popular that we see include:

  1. Sales announcements
  2. Free offers
  3. Downloadable resources
  4. Webinar events
  5. New site launches
  6. Social media sites and contests

Fred Hernandez, Director of Marketing, has over 15 years of experience leading the marketing efforts of companies in the retail, hospitality, high-tech and manufacturing industries. An avid marketer, Fred often lends his expertise to clients, assisting in the development and creation of their own marketing programs.

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