Getting Prospects to "Experience" What You Offer Boosts Purchase Intent

Making it easier for prospects to experience your service or try out your product could be the key to boosting sales.

Prospects say trying out a product or service is the best way to get the info they need to make a sound purchasing decision, a new survey found.

Seventy percent of prospects said participating in a trial, demo or other type of "experiential marketing" event increases their purchase intent.

Generate word-of-mouth
But the power of inviting prospects to try out your offerings isn't limited merely to increasing buying intent.

Prospects who road test your product, try out your service or participate in a live event are more likely to spread the word about it.

Eight in 10 prospects who've participated in such trials or events say they've told others.

Increase receptiveness to marketing
This approach also lays the groundwork for future marketing success. Seven in 10 prospects say a trial or other live marketing experience would make them more willing to receive a company's marketing.

Real-world examples
There are a number of ways to get potential buyers more involved with your offerings.

Some real-world b-to-b examples:

  • Minigrip allows prospects to order free samples straight from product pages on www.minigrip.com
  • Metalast uses a traveling demo center called T-Rex to take its marketing message right to prospects' doorsteps. The truck that houses the demo center can host 90-minute seminars outlining the benefits of the company's products and services
  • Adisseo USA, Inc., uses Webinars to reach and educate faraway prospects about issues important to them and related to the company's offerings, and
  • SurfControl makes it possible for prospects to sign up for free trials at www.surfcontrol.com
Info: "Experiential Marketing: A Survey of Customer Response," www.jackmorton.com

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