You Build your Layout

Templates, File Setup and Save / Export Settings

Ensure your Color Accuracy

We Now Accept any Color Space (RGB, CMYK Pantone, etc).

Let Modern Postcard do the work for you. Simply submit your digital images AS IS. We will take care of the color management for you.

If you’re building your own layout, and also want us to take care of the color management, download and install our Color and PDF Export Settings Files.

You also have the option of color managing your files and color calibrating your system by ordering our Color Kit, and downloading our ICC Printer Profiles. This will help you calibrate your monitor and convert your digital files to better match the output of our 4-color press. If color is important to you, request your Color Kit today!

Improve Color Quality | Scanning/Color Services

Already have a Color Kit?

Download latest Printing Profiles Mac OS X and PC

Additional Color Info

Use our Graphic Templates & File Setup

Download our Adobe or QuarkXpress templates that include postal regulations, bleed / trim marks, and basic file setup instructions.

Download Templates & Instructions

Use our Save / Export Settings & Color Settings

Using our Adobe or QuarkXpress Save or Export settings will generate a flawless digital file for printing.

File Setup & Save / Export Settings

(Be sure to compress your files prior to uploading)

Preparing materials for a VDP campaign?

Learn more about Variable Data Printing (VDP) print production.

Modern Postcard’s project submission and tracking tools, staff responsiveness and quality of the final product all exceeded our expectations. And the timeline was significantly shorter than if we had kept the project in-house.
Dilpreet Jammu
CEO, Convergent Communication Technologies