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7 Mistakes The Competition’s Making: How To Gain On Them

Typos, poor copy, late follow-up, etc. – these are details marketers sweat over. But the major reason ROI tanks aren’t in the little details. To ensure peak performance, marketers must steer clear of these seven deadly sins others are making:

Sin 1: Not purging old material
It happens: A company will create a new message tailored to the times only to have Sales hand out two-year old brochures with outdated info. Then Customer Service will give out a completely different set of info.

Solution: Keep communications up-to-date and consistent by:

  • Finding and destroying old materials (look through drawers if necessary), and
  • Handing reps a sheet of responses to common customer questions at the start of all new campaigns

Sin 2: Failing to profile top buyers
Who is the target audience? Does everyone involved (salespeople, the CEO, etc.) agree on what makes the best customers? If not, it could result in unprofitable customers who drain resources.

Solution: Work with stakeholders to build a profile of who’d make the perfect customer.

Sin 3: Neglecting prospects’ troubles
Prospects stay up at night worrying about problems. None of them lose sleep because they didn’t buy a particular product.

Solution: Design campaigns around the problems a product or service will solve – not the product or service itself.

Sin 4: Revealing nothing unique
“Why should a prospect choose our company over a competitor?” If a campaign doesn’t answer this question right away, it’s time to get nervous.

Solution: Find what makes the company unique, and make that the focus of any initial message.

Sin 5: Not mentioning customers
Your clientele reveals “whom you swim with” and answers prospects’ questions about what kind of businesses you work best with.

Solution: List the company’s – and individual salespeople’s – success stories. Prospects love the comfort of knowing that the person they’re working with has delivered the results he or she promises.

Sin 6: Failing to sell on the back end
Customers are never hotter “prospects” than when they first place an order.

Solution: Use this opportunity to grab another sale by:

Noticing how the products the customer bought are related, and
Suggesting another product that’ll work with what’s already been purchased to solve the customer’s problem
Back-end sales turn one-shot buyers into repeat customers.

Sin 7: Not getting enough feedback
Repeat business is what fuels today’s growing businesses. Unless they ask, companies won’t know whether existing customers are pleased with them (and willing to buy again) or about to fire them – and why.

Solution: Survey existing customers to find out what it would take to do more business with them.

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Reprinted with permission from The Marketing Report, 370 Technology Drive, Malvern, PA 19355, 800-220-5000.

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