Direct Mail Delight Versus Email Frustration

By D. Jeffrey, Senior Copywriter for Modern Postcard

There are certain brands I love. Stores that I shop at frequently. And the only thing that I love more than these companies is saving money. I'm an unabashed bargain hunter, sale lover, coupon user.

So, I sign up for email lists and direct mail lists for my favorite places. I want that coupon, that deal and to never pay full price. Here's the problem. Every day, my email inbox is crammed with deals – from maybe four different companies.

One day only!
Our $9.99 deal is back!
Free shipping Friday!
Time is running out!
Don't forget to save!

Every day. All day. Every day. The emails, they are non-stop. Deals that aren't relevant to my taste or buying history. I get into bed, my phone bings. I look. Nothing important, just another one day only sale. Sigh. Really? I love you guys. I love to save. But, slow your roll already!

Meanwhile, I check my mailbox. Every day. Pull into the driveway from work, pop open the box. Every day. Then it finally comes. The Bed, Bath & Beyond, once-monthly coupon. I grab it, put it on my fridge and go online to figure out what I'm going to use it for.

Couple weeks later? A coupon from a store where they capture my purchase info. That last item I bought and loved so much? Well, here's an item from the same collection at 20% off. Sold.

The thing is, email can be effective. But, if you overload your customers, you could easily turn them off. And even if you don't email frequently, your promo may get sent to someone who's overwhelmed with email deals and blindly clears out their inbox a few times each day. I know that I do!

On the flipside, those brands that use direct mail to reach me are in an entirely different category. There's a certain sense of anticipation about those once-monthly mailers, followed by a victorious euphoria that I get swept up in when it finally arrives. And yes, they almost always get a sale from me.

So. What route do you want to take?

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