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Check out our list of the most common file problems that our artists see on a day-to-day basis – and tips on how to avoid them.

Common Issue
Your Way Around It

No bleed added to PDFs

Download a layout template before getting started to ensure that your files are built to the correct dimensions (including the bleed). If you would prefer not to use our templates, just remember that your document needs a 1/16" bleed on all sides.

Elements close to trim or thin borders (within our recommended safe zone)

Our layout templates have built-in guidelines that show you which areas to avoid. If you don't use our templates, be sure that your text and graphic elements are at least 1/4" from the bleed edge and your borders are at least 3/16" from the bleed edge.

Low resolution or poor image quality

Verify that all images are at least 200 ppi at full layout size (355 is highly recommended) before including them in your layout. Be aware that your resolution will decrease if you scale your image up. You can get more information about screen and print resolution on our website.

Color concerns

If you're worried about your color, we recommend sending us a color sample and/or requesting a color proof. You can view more information about color on our website and download our color profiles for better results. Keep in mind, on screen color can be inaccurate, so a physical sample is always the best way to review color.


Double and triple check your work for typos. Run spell check if available, have someone else read the copy, and be sure to check all dates, names, addresses and phone numbers. While we make every attempt to find typos as a courtesy, it's ultimately your responsibility to catch errors.

Postal regulations

If you're mailing your order, please review the USPS regulations to ensure that your layout will comply with all USPS requirements. If we are mailing your cards for you, the layout must adhere to minimal postal requirements, so we may need to make adjustments to your layout to meet these guidelines.

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I'm an amateur photographer in Brooklyn. My neighbors love my Brownstone neighborhood photos, and this year I took the leap and started a small greeting card business using my photos! At first, the process seemed intimidating, but the customer service at Modern made it easy. I used the phone and email for help, and everyone was very nice, professional and supportive. The finished product speaks for itself...the cards are gorgeous! I am using them for my personal holiday cards, as well as selling them online and in small local businesses. I can't wait to prepare my second set of photo cards with Modern Postcard.
Edie Hoffmann