June 2018

Booklets and Catalogs: Still Winning in the Digital Age

Jessica Biondo, Marketing Communications Manager, Modern Postcard

ATTN: Print Catalogs Are Alive and Well Technology has been a major market disruptor since the beginning of trade. Every new invention has the potential to unsettle existing markets, and that has been especially true of communications technologies developed as part of the digital world. With email, banner ads, paid search, social media and dozens of other digital marketing methods, print marketing can seem like yesterday’s strategy.

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Live or Remote: Choosing Your Best Marketing Event Format

Mac McIntosh

In the old days (remember them?), building a relationship with a prospect meant getting in your car or on a plane, or picking up the phone. Now, of course, technology has changed all that. “Remote” events such as webinars offer options for reaching out to and educating buyers. The advantages of these high-tech formats are many: they can be cheaper, more convenient for both host and attendee, and less time-consuming. Yet there are instances in which in-person events such as “lunch-and-learn” seminars make more sense—when group discussion is important, for example. Your choice to go live or remote will hinge on several factors, including the time needed to present the information, the needs of the customers or prospects you’re targeting, and the physical locations of attendees. Keep in mind these pros and cons when deciding how best to reach your audience.

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Modern Postcard’s project submission and tracking tools, staff responsiveness and quality of the final product all exceeded our expectations. And the timeline was significantly shorter than if we had kept the project in-house.
Dilpreet Jammu
CEO, Convergent Communication Technologies