July 2018

Modern’s Q3 Seasonal Calendar: Promo Ideas for Summertime to School Days

Jessica Biondo, Marketing Communications Manager, Modern Postcard

Lazy summer days aren’t an excuse for your sales to trail off. Take advantage of longer shopping days and consumers being in better spending spirits (aka: vacation mode). July is great for scheduling your next 3 months of festive direct mail campaigns and print promotions to help your business engage new customers and dive into a better pool of profits. Note: you will find the download link near the end of this article.

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Holiday Prep in July: Plan Now to Win Sales Later

Alanna Vincent, Marketing Product Manager, Modern Postcard

Ah, the glorious days of summer. They’re made for fun in the sun, not preparing marketing plans for holiday celebrations and the busiest spending season of the year, right? We hate to break it to you, but if you’re a marketer or business owner, planning for winter promotions and your end-of-year sales push in July is not only normal, it’s proactive and smart. In fact, if you peeked inside our marketing department right now, you’d find our team as busy as Santa’s elves, prepping die-cut gingerbread greeting cards, 2019 calendar gifts and various holiday giveaways for customers.

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The GDPR Era: Why Direct Mail Is Personalized and Privacy Compliant

Jeanine Norlin, Senior Marketing Manager, Modern Postcard

Data privacy is the topic du jour in the business world. And while there’s no shortage of content and different opinions on this subject, one marketing channel is gaining attention for the opportunity it offers to businesses to communicate effectively with customers and relevant prospects in a legally compliant manner – direct mail.

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I'm an amateur photographer in Brooklyn. My neighbors love my Brownstone neighborhood photos, and this year I took the leap and started a small greeting card business using my photos! At first, the process seemed intimidating, but the customer service at Modern made it easy. I used the phone and email for help, and everyone was very nice, professional and supportive. The finished product speaks for itself...the cards are gorgeous! I am using them for my personal holiday cards, as well as selling them online and in small local businesses. I can't wait to prepare my second set of photo cards with Modern Postcard.
Edie Hoffmann