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Are You Ready for the New Facebook?

Don’t you just hate it when you get a shiny new toy, like a computer, and the second you get it home, a newer technology is announced and suddenly you feel deflated?

Well, I am sorry to say it, but get ready to feel a little like that again.

At the end of this month, March 30th to be exact, Facebook will force all pages to migrate to the new timeline layout. Since this is going to be quite the change from the past I have put together a quick list of the most important changes to be aware of with the “New Facebook.”

1. New Layout = New Strategy 
The timeline layout features a prominent cover image, plus more visibility to custom tabs/apps and their associated creative. A new content strategy that focuses on branding your page is a good place to start.

2. Custom Tabs/Apps are Important 
With key real estate under your cover image, these are no longer an afterthought. They can add, or take-away, from the user-experience. Be sure to highlight your products or services in a creative and user-friendly way.

3. Content is King 
The custom tabs/apps can no longer be your default landing page, so your timeline content will become the focus of every new visitor. However, you can “pin” special content to the top of your timeline for one week. Make it count. Pin popular posts, offers or any contests you might be running.

4. Extension to Content is King: Advertising 
One of the biggest changes is that Facebook ad copy can be created directly from posts. This makes it important to post content that is relative to your page and fans. Facebook ads will also be displayed more often to fans and show users if any of their Facebook friends have liked or commented on a particular brand. This makes testing ads a necessity (if your product or service is suitable for Facebook).

5. Offers Will Spread 
Facebook will be launching Facebook Offers to compete with Groupon, Google Offers and other “deal” programs. You can bet that these posts will be easily share-able across the network, and due to the vastness of Facebook, will become an integral part of lead generation for businesses worldwide.

6. Customer Service Lives! 
With the addition of being able to private message your page fans, issues or conversations do not need to play out on your timeline or take up valuable real estate. This is a great opportunity to bring customer service to the forefront of social media management.

To wrap up, I’m a believer that Facebook is not for everyone even though it seems to be the cat’s meow these days. The rules of strategizing, implementing on a small scale, testing and analyzing still apply, but these changes could pique your interest again. Facebook definitely had businesses in mind when these moves were made, so you might as well check it out.

By Modern Postcard

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