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Ask Our Experts – If I Offer Something Free Does It Damage the Perceived Value of the Product?

Question: If I offer something free does it damage the perceived value of the product?

Answer: Not as long as your messaging supports the value. It is always important in your marketing to talk about the benefit (value) of your product or service to the customer. Using a free offer works especially well when offering something that the customer will continue to buy or use on a regular basis.

A great example is a restaurant, where somebody might come back on a monthly or even weekly basis if they like the food, service and value. Other great uses of a free offering would be for fitness services, car tune ups, web services, housecleaning or anything that would lead to a long-term, revenue generating relationship.


Keith Goodman, VP Corporate Solutions, a 20-year veteran of direct mail marketing, has helped companies such as IBM, Hughes, Avery and Amway increase the profitability of their direct mail programs. He’s spoken at hundreds of seminars and conferences around the country, helping thousands of people get better results and greater ROI for their marketing dollars.


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