The Craftspeople of Modern Postcard

By Alanna Vincent, Marketing Product Manager, Modern Postcard

It's an interesting parallel that San Diego is to craft beer as Modern Postcard is to craft marketing. While our direct mail solutions are not quite as tasty as local breweries’ hoppy concoctions, like them, we take great pride in what separates us from the competition: our in-house craftspeople put much thought, attention to detail and care into their respective trades.

From reception to bindery, IT to sales, and everything in between, we have well over 1,000 years of combined experience at Modern. This level of knowledge and focus on excellence queue up to help our clients run powerful direct marketing campaigns. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at some of our team members, whose hands-on expertise make our products stand out and our clients successful.

On average, the employees from our Digital Imaging Department have been with Modern Postcard for a whopping 19 years each. Skilled in their trade, they review every order to make sure the color is just right. Custom edits, color sample reviews and color proofs are all handled by this specialized trade. Impeccable color rendering is their responsibility and luckily for our clients, they take it quite seriously.

The employees in our Press Department boast an average tenure of over 20 years each. These artisans can often be found looking through a loop at press sheets under calibrated lighting to ensure their product is top notch and reflective of their precision. They don't hesitate to stop the presses for the sake of quality.

Not all projects are the one-size-fits-all variety, so for clients seeking outside-of-the-box options, we have a team of custom experts who work closely with Direct Marketing Specialists to produce eye-catching pieces that exceed expectations. Responsible for unique sizes, coatings, die-cutting and more, our specialty product reps have been with Modern an average of 10 years each. And every one of them has decades of prior experience in the field.

When most people hear the word "data," their eyes gloss over. But data quality is one of the most critical elements of any direct mail campaign. The good news is that we have a super analytical team that loves data and takes every step to ensure it's the best it can be. If you've mailed with us, your mailing list has been cleaned, analyzed and most likely improved by our List Processing team. Having worked at Modern Postcard for an average of 10 years each, these team members eat, sleep and breathe data so our clients can rest assured that their campaigns will be delivered where they intend at the lowest postage rate possible.

The Modern Difference
We cultivate a culture that recognizes refinement of skills. We work alongside our talented co-workers with over a millennium of combined experience — all equally obsessed with quality. And we take great pride in our work. We've been dedicated to the craft of marketing for over 25 years and have no intention of letting up.

So, the next time you taste the quality and craftsmanship in a fine glass of wine, frosty pint of brew or artisan-made cheese, think about the quality and craftsmanship you see in Modern Postcard's print products and direct marketing solutions. We may not be for every taste, but we will help promote your business with above-and-beyond care.

Ready to launch your next direct mail campaign? The experts at Modern are here to help. Call our Direct Marketing Specialists at 800.959.8365 to discuss your next project.

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Thank you Modern Postcard for a great job on producing a perfect color match on my art card. I am hugely pleased.
Nancy Sanders
NS Frames