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Calendar Cards – A Simple, Effective Marketing Tool for Any Business

Stylish calendar cards are an easy, economical way to stay front and center with your customers year-round. Whether you sell products or services, own a retail chain or mom and pop shop, are an up-and-coming artist or established creative, millions of businesses just like yours put this budget-friendly marketing tactic to work for them.

Here are 10 easy ways:

  1. Substitute the traditional greeting card with a functional, branded calendar that stays up long after the holidays are over
  2. Add monthly specials on the back of the card to boost sales month after month
  3. Create a set of quarterly calendar cards using images of you artwork or photography and resell it, or send it to your top clients as a thank you gift
  4. Include tear-off coupons to drive traffic to your business in the new year
  5. Callout important dates to remember to keep your customers informed and in the know
  6. Keep stacks handy for takeaways during sales events, tradeshows, or fundraising galas
  7. Use them as a statement stuffer — include a promotional message and useful keepsake for your loyal customers
  8. Bridge the gap and stay top of mind between promotions by sending customers and prospects a quarterly calendar
  9. Include them in shipped orders as a simple way to thank your customers this season or any time of the year
  10. Add your logo, website, or contact information on the front for customers to quickly and easily reference

Now that we’ve kicked around a few ideas, it’s time to put this marketing essential to work for you. Just add your company logo to one of our professionally designed, print-ready calendar cards, or download a free template and create your own!

By Wendy Batara, Marketing Program Manager, Modern Postcard

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