Direct Mail

Direct Mail: Creative Dos and Don'ts

Javier Canez, Lead Graphic Designer for Modern Postcard

When it comes to your direct mail campaign, one of the hardest obstacles may be deciding what creative to include on your mail piece.

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The Power of Integrating Telemarketing with Your Direct Marketing Campaign

Anne Virnig

I'm sure many of you have been faced with the question of, "How do I increase my business?" The most likely thought would be to advertise. And integrating a telemarketing campaign with a direct mail piece gives you a combination that can put your marketing back on track.

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How to Use Direct Mail to Fill Your Business with Ideal Clients

Sydni Craig-Hart, The Smart Simple Marketing Coach

How do you use Direct Mail Marketing to attract the ideal client for your business? Follow these easy steps to wield your way through a pack of prospects and wind up with a selection of clients you love to work with.

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11 Questions That Make Direct Mail Pay for Itself

Just like any aspect of your business — whether it's financial, marketing, developing a new product or hiring a sales staff — your direct mail needs to have a plan.

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Free Direct Mail Marketing Kit – Plan Your Campaign, Get Exclusive Tips, Track Results!

You’d be surprised to see how many businesses prepare a mailing program without having a plan. Just as a builder works from a plan when constructing a home, a marketer needs a plan to be sure that a campaign achieves the desired results.

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We spent $8,458 in post card advertising costs to acquire new accounts and generated 41 times that amount in new account sales within 8 months...
Robert Henuset
Modern Store Equipment