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MP Boot Camp Seminar Series Offers Effective Direct Mail Strategies

Modern Postcard has launched its Direct Mail Boot Camp seminar series! Each 3-hour seminar is packed with information on how to maximize your direct mail campaigns. They’ll be held at our headquarters in Carlsbad, California, a few times during the rest of 2011.

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Mail Delivery Delays From San Diego Blackout

The widespread power outage in the Southwest U.S late yesterday is expected to cause service delays for some of our customers across the US. The outage caused flight delays along with delays with trucks due to traffic.

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Top 10 Advantages of Using Postcards

You're probably wondering, "Why should I use postcards rather than other marketing tools? Isn't advertising in my local newspaper a better option?"

If advertising in the paper brings in a lot more money than you spend on it, and you can afford to keep advertising, don't stop! But if you're like most small business owners, you don't have a lot of money to spend on advertising experiments. That's why it's time to consider...

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Learn DM Fundamentals @DMA2011

Keith Goodman, VP, Corporate Solutions, Modern Postcard

Our own Keith Goodman, VP of Corporate Solutions, will be in Boston this October for DMA 2011. Join him and industry leader, Alan Rosenspan, for a powerful session jam-packed with all the vital direct mail info you need to know! What's covered? Watch a sneak peek!

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5 Tips for Maximizing Your Direct Mail Dollars

Arnie Cohen, , Production Manager / Mailing & Finishing Services, Modern Postcard

In today’s economy where every cent matters, it’s important to make your direct mail dollars go further. That means maximizing your direct mail return on investment (ROI) by securing higher response rates and lower mailing costs. You need to go the extra mile to ensure all of your mail pieces are delivered accurately and on time, while taking advantage of all available USPS postage discounts. For tips that will help you save money and get your mail delivered accurately, read on.

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Modern Postcard’s project submission and tracking tools, staff responsiveness and quality of the final product all exceeded our expectations. And the timeline was significantly shorter than if we had kept the project in-house.
Dilpreet Jammu
CEO, Convergent Communication Technologies