Ask Our Experts - Direct Mail or Email? Yes!

Keith Goodman, VP, Corporate Solutions, Modern Postcard

Question: Direct Mail or Email?

Answer: Each one has their strengths and weaknesses. But in order to maximize the effectiveness of both acquiring new customers and keeping current ones, it’s critical that you not only use both email and direct mail, but probably other marketing media as well.

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Mail Once, Stay in Front of Customers All Year

Fred Hernandez, Director of Marketing, Modern Postcard

A great way to use direct mail for top of mind branding is to send out eye-catching, high quality calendar cards. Successfully used in the real estate industry for decades, sending a free calendar with your company info is a great way to stay in front of prospects and customers all year long.

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Ask Our Experts - If Only Everyone Reported Their Change of Address

Arnie Cohen, Senior Manager / Product Logistics, Modern Postcard

Question: What’s the accuracy of NCOALink®? I still get returns from the Post Office with corrections even when I use that service?

Answer: The accuracy is good for people who have reported their change of address (COA) to the Post Office. However, only 75-85% of people that move do this. This means that NCOALink® will capture the majority of moves, but you may still get back post-mailing corrections.

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Direct Mail Gets Emotional

Fred Hernandez, Director of Marketing, Modern Postcard

With digital and social media marketing increasing in popularity each day, many marketers wonder where good old direct mail fits in the mix. Consider one powerful aspect of the direct mail you receive – the emotional connection that you don’t get with online experiences.

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Tweets of the Week – Top 5

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