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Customer Spotlight: Every Home Needs a Little oomph

Made entirely in the USA, oomph’s collection of custom-made home furnishings and accessories are strikingly fresh and modern. Learn more about this incredibly visual brand, and how they put Modern’s products and services to work for their business.

What is oomph and how did the business get started?
oomph started almost 9 years ago with the concept that a little color in an otherwise dull space could be transformative. We started with small accent tables, a few coffee tables, and side tables in brightly lacquered colors. Simple designs that packed a punch and would elevate everyone’s average white (or beige) couch and sisal rug!

How would you describe your product collections, and what inspires your designs?
Our designs are classics with a twist. We are inspired by traditional forms, functional pieces, and everyday living. Most of our collections are accent pieces that work well with many genres of designs. Modern, traditional, and even heirloom antiques are perfectly happy alongside an oomph design.

Customer Spotlight - Oomph

Pictured top left: oomph’s 2016 catalog printed by Modern Postcard. All design images courtesy of oomph.

Who are your typical buyers?
Our clients are enthusiastic, design loving, happy people that return time and again for more! They share their pictures, they tell their friends, and they hold us to the highest standards. They appreciate our customer service, want only the best, and appreciate a beautiful product that is made in America.

How do you use Modern’s booklets for your business?
We are an incredibly visual brand. We started as a website, but have come to rely on our catalog and look book as a tangible and powerful marketing tool. We mail them directly to potential clients, twice a year to current clients, and as takeaways in our new showroom and store in Greenwich, Connecticut. We do not include any pricing in the booklets; it’s merely a reference guide to styles 
and finishes.

Why do you choose Modern for your printing and direct mail needs?
Great customer service, incredibly easy to work with, endless options, and terrific quality – just like oomph!

For more information on oomph and its stylish furnishings, check out

By Wendy Batara, Sr. Marketing Program Manager, Modern Postcard

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