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Customer Spotlight – WALLTER

What type of business is WALLTER?
We design and manufacture home accessories. Our current line consists of textiles, wall décor, mobiles and coat racks. All of our products are either made in-house or produced by local factories. We are a husband and wife team that started our business 11 years ago.

How do you use postcards to promote WALLTER?
We have a unique use for postcards. We mostly use them as a package closure top. We also use postcards to promote new product lines at tradeshows.

What postcard products work best and why?
We usually order flat Deluxe and flat Sumo. The Deluxe postcard is custom trimmed to 6”x7” and folded in half to 3”x7”. This piece is used as a closure package top to one of our products. The remaining 1.5” trimmed piece is used as a promotional card or business card given out at tradeshows or to our retailers.

What other types of marketing do you use in addition to postcards?
We have our own website where we sell our products. This is particularly useful as we do lots of custom textiles for designers and hotels. We also do monthly email blasts to our customer base to notify them of new products, colors, options and sale items. We recently started working on our Facebook page to give more information about our company. This is different than our website because we use it to show people a more personal side to our business.

How has Modern Postcard helped you with your postcard campaigns?
I have been using Modern Postcard for many years now. I have to admit…a while back I tried a few local companies to save delivery time and shipping costs but I was completely dissatisfied with the outcome.

I am a Modern Postcard customer because of the consistent quality and delivery time. The print quality is so important to us because it is representing our products on the shelves of stores.

What makes a real difference for me is the ordering process. The online interface is extremely user friendly. Since I am designing my postcards to be trimmed and folded, there are many parts that are purposely printed either sideways or upside down. The “Flip” feature in the order confirmation phase is crucial for me to ensure that everything is facing the correct direction.

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