Free Direct Mail Marketing Kit – Plan Your Campaign, Get Exclusive Tips, Track Results!

You’d be surprised to see how many businesses prepare a mailing program without having a plan. Just as a builder works from a plan when constructing a home, a marketer needs a plan to be sure that a campaign achieves the desired results.

Now, your plan doesn't have to be complicated. We're talking about taking out a pad of paper, a pencil and writing things down. Just the process of doing that alone will force you to think about some very important things.

First, you want to figure out what to accomplish with your mailer, such as generate web traffic, drive in store sales or announce a grand opening or new product. Next think about what kind of results you hope to achieve as a result of the mailing and what you want your recipients to do. Finally, what is your budget and how are you going to track results?

The answers to these questions, and then some, are all key components to planning your direct mail campaigns. When you plan your mailings carefully, cover all of the details and keep good track of the results, you will be able to get the most return for your advertising investment.

Modern makes it easy with our all new Direct Mail Marketing Kit. Here’s what your free kit includes:

  • Campaign Planner
  • Interactive ROI Calculator
  • Whitepaper: 5 Secrets for Direct Mail that Works
  • On Demand Webinar: Maximum Direct Mail Profitability

Get your free kit today and market smarter in 2012!

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I am very pleased with my most recent job from Modern Postcard. Even tho' I sent what were probably confusing instructions and substandard images, the layout, design, color, and printing results were excellent. Job was done on time and shipped to me immediately, so I was able to meet a mailing deadline. I will continue to use Modern Postcard's services, because nobody else I have tried comes even close to their quality and reliability. I have already received lots of compliments on the most recent card. I highly recommend Modern Postcard, especially for people in the arts, where quality of image counts for a lot.
Martha Daniels Ceramics