Just Need a List? Yes, We Do That

By Dan Anglin, List & Data Solutions Manager for Modern Postcard

Dan Anglin Dan Anglin
Manager, List & Data Solutions
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There’s a little known secret here at Modern Postcard headquarters – we offer list purchases and data related services on a stand-alone basis.

Sure, we prefer that you let our experts take on your entire campaign – print, list and mail. But, we also get that you might not need an army backing you up on every direct mail project you have cooking.


Just know that if all you need is a list or data related services, we’re here to help in countless ways:

  • Rent a Consumer, Business or Occupant List
  • Rent a Specialty List, like a magazine subscriber, trade association or other unique list type
  • Deploy a highly targeted email campaign to a select group of prospects
  • Append a variety of demographic data to your customer list so you know more about them
  • Add email addresses to your customer list of physical addresses, and vice versa
  • Build a comprehensive Profile Report on your customer list so you have a better idea of what they look like and how they behave

Whatever the case might be – yes, we do that and we do a lot of it.

Dan Anglin, has been in the mailing list and data business now for over 13 years – 7 of them here at MP. He has worked on just about any kind of list selection you can imagine, knows what works best and how to choose the best data solution for your program. We know where he sits, so feel free to ask for him by name and put his knowledge base to work for you.

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This is the easiest, most professional and efficient service I have ever worked with in my many years of promotion. It makes me wonder why I didn't spend the extra money in the past. I just received the tri-folds last night. From the printing to the packaging, everything is TOP NOTCH!
Alex McKnight
AM Photo, Inc.