List Wednesday - Business List Demographics: Primary SIC

By Dan Anglin, Manager, List & Data Solutions, Modern Postcard

SIC Codes allow marketers to target specific types of businesses by their industry. Working with SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) Codes on a Business List can be tricky for first time direct marketers.

Some examples:
  • 5411-02 – Convenience Stores
  • 5541 – Gas Stations
  • 7542 – Carwash

SICs are actually self-reported classifications determined by the individual who starts and registers the business. When they fill out their license or business application, they self-identify what their business does and what industry they’re a part of by selecting the appropriate SIC(s).

The individual at that time has the opportunity to provide multiple SICs if their business happens to engage in multiple business applications. The above mentioned SICs are classic examples. Often times, Gas Stations are also Convenience Stores, Carwashes and if you’ve ever driven cross country before (I have 4 times personally), they can also be Museums, Restaurants, Wedding Chapels and all sorts of crazy things that can sway away from their primary business – selling gas.

INSIDER TIP: When ordered through our Sales Team. Modern Postcard builds 100% of its client lists with Primary SICs. It is also the default selection when using our online portal to keep you on the right path.

Contact Dan Anglin, Modern's in-house list & data expert to get a free quote or find the targeted audience you need to reach today: dana@modernpostcard.com

Dan Anglin
Dan Anglin

With over 10 years of list industry experience, Dan Anglin currently oversees the List & Data Solutions division of Modern Postcard, headquartered in Carlsbad, CA.

Dan works with big and small mailers alike, from your local furniture store to the Fortune 500. An expert in the field, he's led certification classes on list services for the San Diego PCC, lead info sessions for the San Diego DMA & is a key speaker for Modern Postcard’s National Direct Mail Crash Course seminar series, sponsored by the United States Postal Service.

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