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Direct Mail 101: Using Email as a Touch Point in the Direct Mail Process

I don’t think it is any surprise that utilizing different touch points is usually an effective practice with any direct mail campaign.

However, since Modern started offering email-marketing services a few years ago, we’ve see a very common mistake – treating the email like an afterthought as opposed to an actual tactical touch point in the campaign. We often get the direction to “make the printed piece into an email-friendly format”.

The reasoning for this is understandable. Resources, such as time, technical knowledge and advertising budget may be limited. But, it shouldn’t mean that your opportunity for revenue should become limited too. Many times, small copy changes can enhance your direct mail campaign through a supplemental email.

Below are few simple strategies:

1. Direct Mail Prep – Let your recipients know that the direct mail piece is coming and to look out for it. The email can suggest that an exclusive discount is on the way, or even add to it.

2. Direct Mail Follow-Up – Remind your recipients about the piece that has already arrived, or follow up on the call-to-action.

3. Medium Test – This strategy takes the most time and resources, but essentially you can use the email to test the two mediums to see which creates the best response rate. Test the same offer, but with two different codes. This type of testing can show you which customers respond to direct mail, and which need an extra email push.

By implementing these quick and easy strategies to supplement your direct mail campaigns, you should see an increase in your ROI.

Good luck!

By Modern Postcard

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