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DMCC New York City: What’s New in The Big Apple

DMCC New York City: What’s New in The Big Apple

I am sitting in my hotel room overlooking Times Square with snow flurries just starting – quite different from the pleasant weather back home in Carlsbad. What brought me to the Big Apple? I’ve been hosting our Direct Mail Crash Course Seminars all week at the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Headquarters in New York City. It’s been a great week, full of new faces and new stories – and before I fly out to my next seminar in Cincinnati, I’d like to share my NYC experience.

I really like visiting New York because of the city, but I love speaking in New York because the passion the people that live and work here have is contagious! This passion and dedication is especially carried out in local businesses and jobs, which explains why New York has always been a center for innovation and the home to some of the largest brands in the world.

Despite the frigid weather and snow, we had some of our largest turnouts in history for the two seminars we delivered this week. We have always heard how tough New Yorkers are, and this was a perfect example. Each morning, our seminar attendees would trudge-in wearing boots, hats, gloves and several layers of clothing. The harsh weather was not going to stop them.

Each day started with the audience sharing their morning traffic horror stories – cars sliding off the side of the road, cars buried by snow plows and train delays. The stories quickly changed topics into their businesses, their daily challenges and the successes they have enjoyed.

Over the past two decades, New York has had more than its fair share of tragedy, challenges and change – and I can now see why the city has constantly come back not only to where it was, but far beyond.

The audiences we had were positive with great, relevant questions, making it clear we were dealing with groups of smart, creative and successful people. In addition, they were willing to share real business stories with the group that truly helped everyone in attendance.

I would like to thank all of the wonderful New Yorkers who attended our seminars. You truly inspired me!

By Keith Goodman, VP, Corporate Sales and Marketing, Modern Postcard

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