List Wednesday - Consumer List Demographics: Dwelling Unit Size

By Dan Anglin, Manager, List & Data Solutions, Modern Postcard

As a demographic, Dwelling Unit Size select is often overlooked.

A few years back, I had a landscape architect client call me asking for help on his next mail campaign. His last campaign totally bombed. So I asked to look at the list he had mailed to and sure enough, I started to see apartment and unit numbers on the addresses he had mailed to. So, I asked if he had indicated Single Family Dwellings only…and the answer was no. Problem solved and future campaigns saved.

If your product or service caters to homeowners that fit this type of setting, be sure to select Single Family Dwellings only. Without it, you could wind up with apartment, condo and townhome owners. Keep that in mind on your next campaign or (cough, blatant plug, cough) just call me, and I’d be happy to work on it for you.

Dan Anglin
Dan Anglin

With over 10 years of list industry experience, Dan Anglin currently oversees the List & Data Solutions division of Modern Postcard, headquartered in Carlsbad, CA.

Dan works with big and small mailers alike, from your local furniture store to the Fortune 500. An expert in the field, he's led certification classes on list services for the San Diego PCC, lead info sessions for the San Diego DMA & is a key speaker for Modern Postcard’s National Direct Mail Crash Course seminar series, sponsored by the United States Postal Service.

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I've been using Modern Postcard more than ten years now, and wouldn't think of using anyone else. Other places may sometimes be a few dollars cheaper, but nobody can touch your service, reliability, lightning speed, the quality of your product, and your total professionalism. You guys are the BEST. Keep up the great work, you set the standard. The postcards were fantastic, as usual; can't wait to see this poster!
Carl Richards
Riverdale Art Center