New Movers, Big Spenders

By Dan Anglin, List & Data Solutions Manager for Modern Postcard

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Manager, List & Data Solutions
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You've moved at some point or another, probably a few times. So, you're likely to be familiar with the spending spree typically ignited by such a big change. Movers might be looking for new furniture or d├ęcor, added insurance coverage, even electronics for that den where the kids aren't allowed.

Bottom line? Movers are spenders. In fact, a new independent study shows that consumers spend over $9,000 on specific goods and services within the first 90 days of the move.

With this kind of spending going on, savvy marketers have a valuable opportunity. But, if you want to gain share of this spend, you need to be able to identify and connect with consumers during the 90-day window.

The key is finding the right list and communicating effectively. Lucky for you, our experts have worked with a number of clients to track down these on-the-move households, craft an irresistible offer and get a promo in the mail at just the perfect time.

Whether your market is movers or a highly specialized, super-obscure niche, finding and reaching out to your audience starts with a quick email or phone call. We look forward to helping you out!

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I used Modern Postcard for laying out and printing announcements for my exhibition. I am so glad that I did. All I sent them was a photograph and the text. They did wonders with the layout. The colors of the photograph are perfect. The layout is neat and easy to read. When I hand people the announcement they are all very impressed. Modern Postcard, YOU ROCK.
Lydia Cordova
Peazey Head Productions