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Health & Wellness Industry Spotlight

By now you you’ve heard the old adage, “another year over – a new one just begun.” Despite the closing of one season, these words reflect the prospect of a fresh start – and the potential for a great, new year! This is a time of new opportunity where the roads of optimism and preparation cross for many customers as they set their New Year’s resolutions.

So as you reevaluate your business objectives, you should consider aligning your marketing campaigns with the goals that are top of mind for many people – specifically in the Health & Wellness category. Many customers are ready to purchase products and services right now to improve their overall fitness as their New Year’s resolution. This provides a unique opportunity to capitalize on the timing of consumer behavior.

Here are just a few market segments you should consider marketing to, based on their needs:

  • Baby Boomers are a market segment that contributes a substantial percentage to the overall economy. This audience is requiring quality health care and insurance services, as well as nutritional products. This is an audience that is not accepting age as it is and is looking for ways to stay looking and feeling younger.
  • Working women are looking for healthy fast foods and recipes for their families. They’re also looking for unique shopping experiences. Salons and Day Spas should promote and differentiate unique, boutique products and services.
  • Metrosexual men and grooming products is a category that is on the rise. In the past, men’s body care was shunned as not being manly – today that is no longer the case. Many men are buying more and more grooming products.
  • All generations are in need of vitamin supplements and nutritional products. Due to the hectic lifestyles of today’s typical families, people are seeking out help with everything from exhaustion to digestion to memory loss.
  • All consumers are looking for products that not are not only unique, but unique for them. So when marketing and promoting products (and services), be specific about how your product meets the need of each demographic or psychographic of an audience segment. This approach is a key trend because consumers like to be marketed to as individuals.

Lastly, here are a few tips for your New Year’s marketing campaigns:

Be Resolute and map out your marketing plan by identifying the product and service that you will promote to a specified audience.

Be Engaged and market to existing clients and customers. Establish or enhance loyalty programs for greater retention. And always market to new, potential buyers through unique incentives and promotions to create brand awareness and increase market share.

Be Realistic. If you don’t market to the right audience, you can’t expect to reach the right buyer, especially with the busy lifestyles and distractions of people today. So take time to identify the right audiences to maximize your ROI.

So, right now the stage is set to get your business off to a great start for 2012! And whether you’re seeking assistance with B2B or B2C marketing, Modern Postcard is here to help with free marketing consultation services from Creative Design, to targeted Mail Lists. A Direct Mail Marketing Specialist is available now to assist you with any questions you may have.

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