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Improving Direct Mail ROI

Here are some tips on improving direct mail ROI from veteran marketer Alan Rosenspan:

1. Use the outer envelope

Putting the recipient’s name or a provocative question on the outer envelope are proven ways to boost response rates.

A classic question used by Psychology Today on the outside of a successful mailing: “Do you close the bathroom door, even if you’re the only one home?”

2. Try a box, pen or puzzle

An inexpensive prize in every box made Cracker Jack a household name.

Putting a puzzle in a direct mailing can boost response rates. So does including a pen with the company’s contact info printed on the sides.

Two tips: Boxes always get opened, and make great billboards for marketing messages. Mailing tubes don’t work well because the info inside is hard to remove and read.

3. Do what it takes to stand out

Standing out is vital when the average b-to-b customer is bombarded with 10 or more direct mails a day.

Tips: Fed Ex packages are viewed as containing something important. So they almost always get opened, regardless of the content.

Test different envelopes with small mailings to see what gets noticed before doing a large campaign.

One to test: An unmarked envelope so non-descript that a recipient has to open it to see what’s inside.

4. Always follow up

A short follow-up reminding prospects of an earlier mailing greatly increases response rates.

Reprinted with permission from:
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