Did You Just Call My Cat Fat?

By D. Jeffrey, Senior Copywriter for Modern Postcard

The importance of providing relevant offers.

I recently received a postcard from Petco. Usually, I'm stoked. I've received coupons for $5 off my total or $3 off the bag of silly expensive food my dog with skin issues needs. I look forward to receiving these in the mail and stick them on the fridge right next to the 20% off mailer from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

So, about a month ago, I adopted a kitten from the Humane Society and subsequently dropped a big hunk of cash at Petco to get my new furball set up.

And then this card shows up in my mailbox. It's a coupon for the brand of food I purchased, which they should know because I scanned my Petco Pals Rewards Card when I bought kitten supplies. It's perfectly timed, too. The bag of food I bought is almost gone.

After checking out the coupon more closely, I see it.

It's for DIET CAT FOOD. What? My kitten doesn't need that. I have no use for this coupon. And there are other stores closer to home. And maybe they'll be having a sale!

Do you want your customers to respond to an offer like I did? Then put any information you have about them to good use. Craft an offer that will drive response – not drive customers to your competitors.

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I've been using Modern Postcard more than ten years now, and wouldn't think of using anyone else. Other places may sometimes be a few dollars cheaper, but nobody can touch your service, reliability, lightning speed, the quality of your product, and your total professionalism. You guys are the BEST. Keep up the great work, you set the standard. The postcards were fantastic, as usual; can't wait to see this poster!
Carl Richards
Riverdale Art Center