List Wednesday - Consumer List Demographics: Drive Time Technology

By Dan Anglin, Manager, List & Data Solutions, Modern Postcard

Did you know that Modern Postcard can develop a mailing list based on the average driving distance in minutes from your store, office or place of business?

Drive Time Technology is pretty cool stuff that does not get used as often as it should. Instead of a traditional radius in miles, we can target based on drive distance. This could be HUGE for any marketer who needs to take driving distance into consideration, such as:

•    Any kind of retail
•    Pizza/Food delivery
•    Home remodeling
•    Dentists
•    Doctors
•    And More

We’ve worked with our data provider to have traffic pattern data overlayed onto the Consumer, Business and Occupant List Products we offer. The result provides a much better way to target and engage prospects immediately around your location.

This technology also comes in VERY handy when your location happens to be near a body of water, major highways and other difficult to commute areas.

You can even take your mail piece to the next level by adding in verbiage that speaks directly to this, such as: “We are conveniently located within a 10 minute drive of your office or home.” That statement right there eliminates any potential doubt in the reader’s mind when they attempt to figure out how long it will take to get there.

Very cool stuff. And Modern has it at no additional cost. Give it a test drive on your next campaign.

Contact Dan Anglin, Modern's in-house list & data expert to get a free quote or find the targeted audience you need to reach today: dana@modernpostcard.com

Dan Anglin
Dan Anglin

With over 10 years of list industry experience, Dan Anglin currently oversees the List & Data Solutions division of Modern Postcard, headquartered in Carlsbad, CA.

Dan works with big and small mailers alike, from your local furniture store to the Fortune 500. An expert in the field, he's led certification classes on list services for the San Diego PCC, lead info sessions for the San Diego DMA & is a key speaker for Modern Postcard’s National Direct Mail Crash Course seminar series, sponsored by the United States Postal Service.

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I've been working with Modern Postcard for nearly ten years now. They are the perfect company to go to for my quarterly promotions. I recently had the pleasure of working with one particular rep, who not only helped solve an old issue regarding an order discount, but was strategic in getting my order through the system with great communication and responsiveness. It is this very sort of customer service which will keep me coming back! Thanks!
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