Switch It Up! Try Our NEW Matte Finish.

By Alanna Vincent, Marketing Program Manager, Modern Postcard

Here at Modern, customer feedback has always guided the launch of new products and options. After receiving a ton of requests, we now offer a matte finish as an alternative to our high gloss coating.

Simply order any product that we print on our 12 point, SFI certified card stock, then request matte finish at no additional cost. Your printed piece will have the same sharp and vibrant color reproduction, but with an understated matte finish rather than a dynamic pop.

With a matte finish, you’ll create a refined look that elegantly showcases images. It’s perfect for special events, featuring new products or services, photography, art – or if you simply prefer the no gloss look! Plus, you can easily write on these cards without smudging.

This new offering is not on our website just yet. If you’d like more details or want to order cards with a matte finish, feel free to call one of our friendly reps at: 800.959.8365

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