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List Wednesday – Consumer List Demographics: Homeowner/Renter

From a consumer list perspective, there are generally two types of consumers:

  • Homeowners – owner occupied residential addresses, verified through deed and tax records
  • Renters – consumers who have volunteered the fact that they rent through surveys, questionnaires, etc.

However, there’s a third category that often goes overlooked, the “UNCODED” records [queue fog machine effects here].

Before we explore the uncoded area further, let’s take a closer look at what we do know. Homeowner data, generally speaking, is fairly reliable through all the major sources, which rely primarily on county records to code their files. Renter data however, can definitely fluctuate from source to source, depending on what survey-based data they’re working with. The one consistent attribute among them is the fact that their renter counts are usually very low to what should be there. Why? Not every renter is going to fill out a survey or volunteer their information so widely that they will show up on a list.

That brings us back to the “Uncoded” area. By definition, uncoded means that the data provider is unable to confirm that the owner occupies the address. So, who else could be occupying the address if not the owner?

Ding, ding, ding! YES! A renter (or “likely” renter is how I usually think of it).

Next time you’re looking to target renters, I suggest you test the “uncoded” category to see what kind of results you can generate on your campaign. Through various programs we’ve run for clients here at MP, the uncoded area consistently produces positive results for our clients. Counts for available prospects jump substantially when you include the uncoded and for some, response rates have followed suit.

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