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List Wednesday – Consumer List Demographics: Lifestyle Interest Data

The Lifestyle Interest Data (shown under “Interests” on the list portal) that Modern Postcard makes available on its Consumer List Product is pretty awesome. Acxiom, which is the primary data source that supports this product for MP, has 126 individual lifestyle attributes available for selection, ranging from Art Collectors to Woodworking Enthusiasts.

The Interest Data comes in from multiple sources, the primary ones being:

  • Warranty Card Registration
  • In-Store and Online Retail Transactions
  • Survey Response Information

The data is powerful and super reliable. First glance at these selects is pretty exciting, or maybe I’m just being a big data dork (entirely plausible). However, it’s easy to get trigger happy on these elements. Many are quite enticing. Before you know it, you could have 30 lifestyle attributes selected on your list.

Don’t be that guy! Reason being is two-fold:

  • Your cost will increase as you pay for each selection
  • You could be straying away from the core demo you’re after when you select interest categories that might only apply to a very small percentage of people who buy from you
    The secret is to combine selects that have a common theme. Examples:

A: Target Demo: Art Gallery seeks Art Enthusiasts
Recommended Selects: Arts, Art Collectors, Cultural/Artistic Living

B: Target Demo: Vet office seeks Pet Owners
Recommended Selects: Dog Owner, Cat Owner, Pet Owner

C: Target Demo: Yoga instructor seeks new students.
Recommended Selects: Exercise/Health, Food-Natural, Food-Vegetarian, Self Improvement

So keep it to 4 categories and you’ll stay on the right path – the one that leads you directly to those most likely to buy from you. You’ll get a bigger response and a stronger return on investment.

INSIDER TIP: When you purchase Consumer Lists through Modern Postcard, Lifestyle Interest selections are included in your bundled price of 5 or 8 cents per name depending on use (single/multi). Therefore multiple lifestyle selects through us does not increase your list cost, unless you select all 126 – then we have problems.

By Modern Postcard

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