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Trigger Mailing Lists – Timing is Everything!

The old cliché “timing is everything” is very often the case with direct mail marketing. Hitting the right person at the right time with your offer is the perfect scenario for a high performing direct mail campaign.

The good news is that Modern Postcard makes available a series of mailing lists that you can access that could end up being a total game changer for you

Here are some examples:

Birthday Club – Target consumers by their birth month & year to time your mail program just right with a special offer. The restaurant industry uses this strategy to great effect to where a mail piece hits homes a week to three weeks prior to the prospect’s birth month with an exclusive offer to come in and spend their special day with them. This can be crossed with powerful Lifestyle Interest selections as well. There are literally over 100 Lifestyle Categories available, some examples being: mail to golfers around their birthday, dog or cat owners around their birthday, sports fanatics around their birthday, skiers, video gamers, gardening enthusiasts and much, much more!

New Homeowners – Target consumers who have purchased a home within the last 6 months. This powerful file is updated weekly, compiling data through deed recordings. Popular selections include purchase price, size of home, cash buyers and more. This is a great way to welcome new neighbors in the markets you serve. Typical clients that mail to this list on a frequent basis include: interior designers, cable/telephone/internet service providers, home improvement contractors and retailers, furniture stores, etc.. The recommended usage is to mail to this new and fresh audience on a frequent basis, depending on your budget and target geographic area, this could be a weekly, monthly or quarterly mail program.

New Movers – This file is also updated on a weekly basis and is compiled from deed recordings, new phone hookups, and credit card updates. The difference between this and the New Homeowner database is that this file includes renters. Churches, doctors, dentists, dry cleaners, restaurants, cable/phone/ISP’s are all common mailers to this file and again, frequency is key here – the most successful marketers to this type of list mail every week, month or quarter to be one of the first to welcome their new neighbors.

Pre–Movers – This list is compiled through real estate focused websites for those that have their home up for sale on the market. This is one of the only lists available that allows you to target those that are about to move. Typical businesses that mail to this file include moving service companies, financial and insurance agents and carriers.

There are a number of list compilers in the industry that make these types of files available and Modern Postcard only partners with the most trustworthy sources as we know how important it is to be in the right mailboxes with your offer.

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