Did You Just Call My Cat Fat?

By D. Jeffrey, Senior Copywriter for Modern Postcard

In a previous post, I talked about the importance of creating an offer that is relevant for your audience. I had received a direct mail piece trying to sell me on diet cat food when I had a kitten who still has room to grow. Photo is below.

As two people so kindly pointed out, the offer was in fact for Hill's Science Diet Cat Food. Not necessarily "Diet Cat Food."

My bad. A thousand apologies all around. So, where did I go wrong?

Well, here's the thing. In the moment I received this, I was a typical consumer. Not a marketer. I scanned the piece. I did not read it word-for-word. I saw my name and the next thing I read was the last line of the headline, "Diet cat food. Yum."

Instantly, I was turned off. Right there in the headline, I stopped dead in my tracks and laughed off the idea of giving my kitten diet food. Because I didn't read it word-for-word, and the headline was broken up in such a way that I didn't see the full brand name all together, I read something entirely different than what was intended.

Many of you might know that the first few seconds with a recipient are critical for direct mail. People are not going to start at the beginning and read every word from start to finish. They scan the headline, the bullet points and the call to action. Each is vital to your success.

If the person likes what they see in the initial scan, you're likely to get a full read, another sale, maybe even a new customer!

So, get fresh eyes on your mail piece before you send it. Have someone skim through it to make sure your headlines or other highlighted information is communicated properly and effectively.

Don't let miscommunication become a missed sale!

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