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The Most Interesting Offers in the World!

In the kingdom of direct mail, the offer reigns supreme. Your marketing strategy – whether print, digital, or both – may not always include special offers, but when it does, look to these creative marketing campaigns for inspiration. For this edition, we’ll cover what works best for motivating your audience to take action by reviewing direct mail campaigns that have presented some too-good-to-ignore promotions.

Nothing to Lose Meal Delivery Offer
Since years of fast food and processed meals have led to bloated budgets and belt sizes in America, cooking meals at home is back on trend. It’s cheaper, healthier and often a great creative outlet for stressed-out parents or full-time professionals to unwind. The only downside? Meal planning, grocery shopping and food prepping. That’s where companies like Blue Apron, Plated and even grocery delivery services like Fresh Direct have helped bridge the gap between rockin’ the drive-thru and rockin’ an apron to get dinner on the table.

A few months ago, I received a beautifully-designed direct mail promotion from Blue Apron. It was an intricately-folded piece that encouraged prospects to open and reveal an exclusive offer card inside, worth $30 toward their meal delivery service. Essentially, the offer amount equaled three, 2-person dinners for free! Plus, the expiration date was a few weeks out, allowing plenty of time to research the service and redeem the offer.

The Most Interesting Offers in the World!

I thought this promotion was worth pursuing because 1) the product affects everyday lives (we all need to eat, right?), 2) the service solves multiple meal-prepping issues (more convenient, healthy and cost effective), and 3) Blue Apron has a “no commitment – skip or cancel at any time” policy, which equals less risk for prospects.

Here’s why it worked:

  • Removable tip-in offer card made the direct mail piece feel valuable
  • Offer amount was generous and equated to several free meals
  • Offer duration was longer, so prospects could consider this type of service
  • High-quality piece that had interesting folds and attention to detail
  • Stylized food photography made products look appetizing and fresh

Department Store Holiday Shipping Upgrade
When most of your loved ones’ birthdays reside in December, it can get pretty costly and hectic to find birthday and Christmas gifts simultaneously. That’s why saved me last year on December 19, when my mom’s birthday was four days later and I still hadn’t found the perfect gift. At the time, I was searching online for a particular brand of holiday dinnerware my mother collects. While it was available at a few high-end department store websites for the same price, Neiman Marcus beat out the competition thanks to their free expedited shipping upgrade.

As a marketing strategy, this offer was incredibly smart and appropriate, considering all the holiday shopping procrastinators frantically searching online for last-minute solutions. It also goes to show that sometimes price is not a factor in consumer decision making. A lower-cost gift option would not have worked for me if I had to pay higher shipping fees to receive the gift in time. Plus, with days to go, I was pretty desperate to find what I needed and place the order as soon as possible, so the “get it faster” offer was incentivizing enough to take action immediately.

Here’s why it worked:

  • Timing was relevant and alluring to last-minute shoppers
  • Offer was easy to redeem, by the click of a mouse
  • Offer was 100% free, no matter the purchase amount
  • “Upgrade” language presented a feeling of luxury

Thanks for tuning in to this edition of The Most Interesting Offers in the World! Marketing ideas are everywhere and can be easily adapted and applied to a multitude of industries. So, pay close attention to the offers you receive as a consumer; they could be the basis for your next great promotion or marketing campaign.

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By Jessica Biondo, Marketing Communications Manager, Modern Postcard

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