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Natural DE-Selection

Often times when building targeted mailing lists for direct mail campaigns, the natural tendency is to focus on the target demographic and geographic selections that we need to hit in order for a campaign to perform.

Before building your next list, think opposite — think more about “what do I really want to avoid” or “who’s NOT the target audience.” It may sound like you’d be heading down the wrong path with that mindset; however, this is often the path of least resistance and greatest success.

Here are a couple of classic examples:

“I want to target every business in my area to let them know that I am here and I can help.”
Fair enough. However are ALL businesses the right prospects for you? Are large companies your target? Are the local WalMart, gas station, Home Depot and McDonald’s viable prospects? In most cases, the answer is no. Building a list of every business is as simple as it gets, but when you think about it — there are a number of businesses out there that just won’t make sense for you. Why spend your hard earned money marketing to them? Every day, we work with a number of clients to de-select specific industries and focus their lists, saving them money and increasing their response.

“I want to target all the residential households in my area.”
All means all. For households, that could include everyone from college students to seniors, low income rental housing to multi-million dollar estates. Granted, some areas in the country won’t have this wide of a variety of consumers living there, but there are plenty of places where that is the case. Here in San Diego North County for example — there are spots along Pacific Coast Highway where there are trailer parks nestled between million dollar plus single family residences and condos.

Targeting everyone in an area may work for some types of businesses, like a pizza place or a dry cleaner. However for most businesses, maybe even yours, this tactic can be a waste of time and money. Modern has access to thousands of different lists and demographic criteria to help avoid the “all” trap.

Unlike radio, print, TV or other traditional advertising channels, Direct Mail Marketing offers you with the ability to target a very specific audience with your message. Take advantage of it! With access to over 60,000 available lists on the market, our team of Direct Marketing Specialists can help you find the right list for your program — or run the DE-Selection process so that your piece arrives in mailboxes that represent the greatest likelihood of response.

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