Ask our Experts - NCOALink® Change of Address Improves Delivery

By Arnie Cohen, Senior Manager / Product Logistics, Modern Postcard

Question:  If I am mailing to a list I’ve purchased for single-use, why should I still use your NCOALink® Change of Address service? I won’t be mailing to those people again.

Answer:  There are several good reasons for using NCOALink®. The most important of these is to make sure the advertising message for your current mailing gets to every recipient, thereby maximizing your ROI opportunity. Getting the new addresses for later mailings is a secondary benefit which would better apply to multi-use purchased lists and your house lists. NCOALink® is still the best tool you can use to ensure improved delivery of every mailing not matter what where your list is coming from.

Arnie Cohen, Senior Manager / Product Logistics, with over 23 years of experience, Arnie's knowledge of the US Postal Service has helped businesses of all sizes effectively execute their mailings. He is now actively involved in the implementation of the new Postal Service Intelligent Mail Bar Code™ technology that will allow users to track their mail in real time. Arnie maintains a leadership role in both national and local mailing industry organizations.

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