Strike it Rich with a One and Done Campaign?

By Dan Anglin, List & Data Solutions Manager for Modern Postcard

Dan Anglin Dan Anglin
Manager, List & Data Solutions
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As consumers, we’re exposed to literally thousands of advertisements from all sorts of companies each and every day. We're often distracted and don't pay close attention to what advertisers are trying to push – until they break through the noise with the right offer at the right time, for you.

How many times have you responded to a company's ad after seeing it just once?

Probably few or never, right? The fact is, very few marketers hit the jackpot with one and done direct mail campaigns. If you want to turn prospects into customers and grow your business, your best bet is a campaign that touches the same prospects multiple times, keeping your business front and center and top of mind.

Lucky for you, Modern Postcard offers Multi-Use Licenses on both Consumer and Business List Products. This is your opportunity to mail to the list as many times as you want for an entire year. That's plenty of time to break through the noise and deliver the right offer at the right time.

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I'm an amateur photographer in Brooklyn. My neighbors love my Brownstone neighborhood photos, and this year I took the leap and started a small greeting card business using my photos! At first, the process seemed intimidating, but the customer service at Modern made it easy. I used the phone and email for help, and everyone was very nice, professional and supportive. The finished product speaks for itself...the cards are gorgeous! I am using them for my personal holiday cards, as well as selling them online and in small local businesses. I can't wait to prepare my second set of photo cards with Modern Postcard.
Edie Hoffmann