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Fifth Gear is the result of the recent combination of two companies that have been serving the direct retail industry for over 25 years each, Sigma Micro and Stark Bro's. Earlier this year, we launched our new brand, Fifth Gear, to unite our core services of order fulfillment, warehousing, contact centers and ecommerce technology.

Fifth Gear provides outsourced business and technology services for direct-to-consumer retailers; our goal is to partner with specialty retailers and manufacturers of consumer products to optimize their operating costs while maximizing multichannel growth. We are unique because we serve our clients as a single source partner for all operations of an ecommerce storefront. Our clients have access to the industry expertise, infrastructure and technology they require to drive revenue growth, improve operations, and maximize profit while serving shoppers in a very personalized manner.

How did you hear about Modern Postcard and what made you choose us over other printers?

With the launch of our new brand, Fifth Gear faced the challenge of working within a very specific budget to rebrand two long-standing, well-recognized names in the direct retail services space. We looked to Modern Postcard to help us produce a high-quality printed piece that would eventually fit well with a series of sales collateral pieces we had planned. 

While cost and turn-around time were important to us during our brand transition, so was quality. Modern Postcard helped us choose the best stock to achieve the look we had in mind and provided quantity pricing to get us to our desired cost-per-piece. We got excellent results that fit our budget and our timeline, and it looked great!

Tell us a little bit about the 100# booklet you recently had Modern produce. What type of information is in the booklet and in what ways do you put it to use?

This 12-page booklet is our feature collateral piece. It showcases all of the services we're now offering with use of full-color visuals and bold text treatments. Our executive team and sales associates had input on the content and the end result truly exceeded their expectations.

The design showcases our new brand to highlight warehouse, packing and shipping, making look every bit important as our technology and marketing offerings. Achieving a personal connection was very important in this brochure, so we incorporated images of the real people who work to transparently deliver the brands of our clients with every order they fulfill.


In addition to print materials, what other types of marketing do you use to build your business?

Fifth Gear's marketing includes a thoughtful mix of both digital and print campaign strategies. One complements the other. We rely on the tried and true print presentation folder, but also utilize digital files along with our web site to communicate to prospects. Fifth Gear also actively uses social media sites to promote brand awareness.

To nurture leads, we use email marketing, direct mail and phone sales to identify opportunities. The same combination of marketing also helps us to maintain the loyalty of our newly combined Fifth Gear client base.

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