Does Your Biz Have a Social Calling Card?

Social Calling CardDoes your business want to increase traffic to your social media marketing channels? Do you want to encourage your biggest fans to follow you, like you and just plain interact with your business? If so, consider using our postcard products to create a calling card for your business that highlights all of your social media profiles.  There are multiple things you may want to highlight:

  • Your Facebook profile and if possible a link to your page (ie. http://www.facebook.com/modernpostcard)
  • Your Twitter handle - you can show your handle (ie @ModernPostcard) or you can link to your profile (ie http://www.twitter.com/modernpostcard)
  • Your Google+ account
  • Your Yelp! account
  • Your LinkedIn account
  • Your Foursquare account
  • Your blog
  • Any other avenue that encourages people to interact with you as much as possible
  • Add a QR code that takes the user to some of these locations

Depending on how many social media channels you want to highlight you might be fine using our standard postcard product or you may need a larger size, if so give our deluxe postcard product a try.  You will want to make sure your calling card is small enough to easily carry around but large enough to include everything you want your customers to keep in mind.

Have fun and experiment!

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I've been using Modern Postcard more than ten years now, and wouldn't think of using anyone else. Other places may sometimes be a few dollars cheaper, but nobody can touch your service, reliability, lightning speed, the quality of your product, and your total professionalism. You guys are the BEST. Keep up the great work, you set the standard. The postcards were fantastic, as usual; can't wait to see this poster!
Carl Richards
Riverdale Art Center