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Opinion: Best Commercial of the Year

It drives the people I watch television with crazy, but I love the commercials sometimes more than the shows.

Ever since I was old enough to understand them, maybe around high school, I have enjoyed analyzing the goal of an advertisement, and if it was achieved. Whether it is through the creative, actor, voice, music or offer, it has been my passion to look at all the details. Does this make me an expert? No, but it does lend me an opinion.

In the shadow of Apple’s win over Samsung for copyright infringement, regarding their phone and tablet technologies, this year’s best commercial was created. It was simply Samsung’s revenge to the release of the iPhone 5 and it was perfect.

I should put a disclaimer here that may give me more credence — I am an avid Apple customer and have had every iPhone since its inception, and will have the iPhone 5 shortly.

Even with that said, Samsung nailed it with their commercial highlighting the Galaxy S3 phone. Here it is, though I’m sure you’ve already seen it:

Samsung didn’t pull any punches going after Apple or the iPhone 5, but more so by actually making fun of the people that wait in line to purchase these products.

Every piece of this commercial is an instant classic and there are too many moments to list: the characterization of die-hard Apple enthusiasts that have waited through every iPhone launch, the guy who gets his head blown due to the placement of the headphone connector, the young Samsung customer saving a line spot for his parents, those people that spin the marketing jargon Apple releases into whatever mythical thought they may conjure — it’s equally targeting the product as much as the customers.

The great thing about this commercial is that Samsung used Apple’s own strategy. Apple has grown through advertising its innovative and relevant technology. Samsung has now spun it the other way, suggesting that now Apple is the dated and irrelevant technology — everything Apple customers are waiting in line for is already available from Samsung. Go figure.

How did it work? It’s yet to be seen. But I can bet that Apple is taking notice that it isn’t just their products that are being discredited, but their customers as well.

Point, Samsung.

By Modern Postcard

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