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Our New 14pt Premium Card Stock Has Arrived

It hasn’t necessarily been business as usual here at Modern as we have been busy wrapping up one of our larger changes of the year. We are thrilled to announce that we recently upgraded our house card stock to a new 14pt Premium Card Stock at no additional cost to our clients!

In alignment with our mantra to constantly listen to our clients and adapt based on feedback, we determined that it was time for a paper change. Jason Anderson, Director of Manufacturing at Modern, explains, “After months of research and testing, we’ve chosen a new house stock that is not only thicker, but will also allow even better print quality with its smoother surface. And because of its rigidity, we are finding that it holds up extremely well in the mail.” All orders placed on our house card stock will automatically print on our 14pt Premium Card Stock.

Environmental responsibility is of utmost importance to us, so like the rest of our cardstocks here, this new paper is Chain of Custody certified, ensuring that it originates from responsibly managed, sustainable forests.

Feel free to visit our website or call your rep at 800.959.8365 for more information on all of our current paper options. Want to experience it first hand? Request free samples today!

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