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Last Chance! A Procrastinator’s Guide to 2017 Holiday Marketing Deadlines

It’s nearing mid-December and you’re scrambling for ideas to launch your holiday marketing campaign. If this scenario sounds like your current state of business affairs, Modern Postcard has a message of hope. There are still a few remaining options to promote your business during the heavy spending season, as long as you move swiftly and adhere to our recommended ideas and production guidelines below.

Holiday Marketing Deadlines

1. Know what print formats are realistic for rushed campaigns
Postcards and flat cards of all sizes are perfection for a fast turnaround project. Boasting a 100% open rate, this functional format also allows your images, content and seasonal offers to be front and center. If you’re trying to print a complex mail piece or product catalog at the eleventh hour, it’s probably not realistic. Instead, schedule these larger project ideas for a January launch to ignite sales in the New Year.

2. Consider trying one of these ready-to-use campaign ideas
   • Send a holiday greeting thanking your customers and reinforcing your brand
   • Launch an end-of-year sales promotion with a competitive offer or discount
   • Invite customers and prospects to a holiday open house, dinner or celebration
   • Promote a special charity or cause your business supports
   • Showcase teasers of new products or services to come in 2018

3. Follow these December deadlines for last-minute holiday campaigns
If you’re mailing flat cards and aiming to reach mailboxes prior to Christmas:
   • Submit your order and materials on December 12 and opt for our Express
      turnaround time*
   • Approve by December 13
   • Mail with First Class postage

If you’d like your flat cards shipped and delivered to you prior to Christmas:
   • Submit your order and materials on December 19 and opt for our Express
      turnaround time*
   • Approve by December 20
   • Ship via UPS® overnight

*Additional fees apply for turnaround time upgrades. Color proofs, folded products, booklets, inserting products into envelopes, specialty products or changes to your layout will require additional time.

4. Make a back-up plan for your back-up plan
Are you overwhelmed this December and can’t make any of these deadlines? No problem. You can simply rethink your messaging and offers to promote late December and early January happenings. Ring in the New Year with a post-Christmas sale or build your brand with a simple “Happy New Year” greeting. The sooner you start promoting, the more momentum you can gain as we move into 2018.

Fun Fact: Did you know that more consumers plan to shop on Super Saturday in December (otherwise known as the last Saturday before Christmas), rather than on Black Friday or Cyber Monday in late-November? If you’re a proclaimed holiday marketing procrastinator, this news could work to your advantage. Learn more about the latest seasonal trends.

Modern is here to help your brand stand out with successful print promotions and direct mail campaigns. 

By Jessica Biondo, Marketing Communications Manager, Modern Postcard

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