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Put Your Eggs in Multiple Baskets

Every day, my job is to help clients find new business. Whether it’s seeking out left-handed doctors who drive Porsches, or VPs of HR at progressive thinking companies — there’s literally over 60,000 individual lists on the market to choose from and millions of filters and selects to implement.

“So tell me, how do I find the right list?”

My answer is always the same, “Let’s figure out what your existing customer looks like, then go and find as many as we can who look just like them.” However, the actual list or lists that end up being pulled are never the same. With prospecting campaigns to find new customers, the campaigns that perform the best usually do not involve just one list source — they typically include multiple, if not several sources or selects on a given job.

When evaluating what list to use, always try to involve multiple sources so that you can test and see which ones perform better than others. As responses come in, you’ll begin to understand which ones are performing. When you find the best or “champion” list sources that work for you, the goal going forward should not be to simply continue using the champion lists, but to keep introducing contender lists to compete against the champ.

Discover, plan, test, learn & then apply your learnings on future mail drops.

Think of your direct mail campaign as a program in constant development. Testing is a critical component to making your direct mail perform — I’m here to help!

By Modern Postcard

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