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Successful Multi-Channel Marketing Takes the Right Timing

Effective marketers will attest to the effectiveness of running multi-channel marketing programs, such as combining email and direct mail for maximum response and results. Now with social media marketing tools available, like Facebook and Twitter, integrating everything into multi-channel programs has become increasingly popular.

Here are few tips from our friends over at the Internet & Marketing Report outlining the best time to launch social media campaigns, as well as three ways to boost performance.


Best & worst days to launch social campaigns

The best day to launch a social media campaign: Tuesday. The worst day to launch: Friday.

Of course, results may vary depending on your particular audience. But on the whole, that was the conclusion of a three-month study of social engagement by YesMail Interactive.

Less clutter = more engagement.

Reasoning: Most social campaigns are deployed on Fridays, and the more marketing messages there are filling fans’ feeds, the less they engage with them.

Meanwhile, users’ feeds are less cluttered on Tuesdays.

Other valuable findings:

  • When companies coordinate all social media channels and their email, they see greater engagement.
  • Less is more. The most engaging companies launch half the campaigns of the least engaging companies.
  • Factors increasing the success of a YouTube campaign include celebrity guest stars, incentivized engagement and interesting/odd video titles.


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