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The Moment

It was our daughters’ end-of-year concert and performance at their ballet school. They’d been working on their routines for months — my eldest performing a feature role in a Flamenco routine. All I could think about was the months of practice for a single moment of performance.

I know it’s not new — heck, the Olympics are filled with moments like this, with the stakes and the investments — exponentially greater than what my girls were going through.

Needless to say, it got me thinking about “The Moment” you fall in love with a brand. One of my students mentioned that he had “fallen in love” with Gibson guitars in high school. I thought that was perfect. There was a specific moment when he decided that a Gibson was his to own, cherish, and make part of his life.

For me, I had a moment when my Vibram Five Finger running shoes came home. I put them on, and they felt like feet. I’ll never forget, and I’ll wear Vibrams the rest of my life (or as long as they’re in business). I also fell in love with Marvel comics when I got my large, oversized book of Dr. Strange (check him out:

I would argue that each of us has had a Brand Moment — that very specific memory of when you became attached to a brand forever. It’s like a moment of love. That’s wrong — it’s not like; it is a moment of love.

The hard part of business is that YOU’LL NEVER KNOW when that moment will come for your users. You can’t control it at all. Which means you need to be very, very consistent, and true to your brand in every moment, allowing the user to find their moment of loyalty and love.

What is your moment of brand love? I’d argue that everyone has one. And that’s also a moment of self-discovery – you find out a lot about yourself by the brands you fall in love with.

By Chris Foster, VP of Marketing for Modern Postcard

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