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Think Outside the Postcard with Custom Print Options

Getting the right offer in front of the right prospects at the right time will queue up your direct mail campaign for success. However, even with all three of these critical boxes checked, your piece has to be noticed before it can prompt your audience to act. We’ve found in many cases, the small details do matter and can produce big results.

In our experience, incorporating unique print elements tends to produce notably better responses. In an A/B direct mail test we conducted with textured versus non-textured cards, the cards with the textured coating got a significantly higher response rate. Modern offers plenty of solutions that create a pop of visual interest, such as beautiful foils, custom die cut shapes, UV spot coating, glitter, embossing and much, much more. Even if you think your idea is outlandish and impossible to achieve, simply ask us! Our team will work with you to make it happen, or at the very least, advise you on plenty of wow-worthy options you can try for maximum response.

If specialized finishing services aren’t relevant to your campaign – or if they aren’t in your marketing budget – opt for eye catching imagery and headlines or more unique product formats to help your business stand out from the crowd. For example, consider panoramic folds as an alternate to our normal folded products, or differentiate your piece with a square format opposed to standard rectangular mail. Keep in mind, you’re already getting ahead by promoting your business with direct mail in the first place, as postcards have a whopping 100% open rate. When it comes to digital versus print marketing, response rates from direct mail are more than 20x that of email (2015 DMA Response Rate Report).

While we adore postcards (and even named our business after them), a more appropriate name for our company could be: “Modern Everything You Need to Create Successful Marketing Campaigns.” Of course, this name would be obnoxiously long, but I’m sure you get the gist. Modern Postcard is your one-stop-shop to drive new business and gain more customers with in-house creative, lists, printing and mailing. Plus, we invite you to think outside the postcard with our custom printing and finishing options, like printed envelopes, stickers, hang tags, signage and more.

Determining which custom solution will work best for your campaign is a balancing act between budget and the potential for return. Modern’s Direct Marketing Specialists can help you weigh your options or suggest creative alternatives that are likely to boost your response rates.

By Modern Postcard

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