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Wasting Time Isn’t Always a Waste of Time

Taking time from the “to do” list, the never ending work flow and the continual meetings can feel like you’re slacking off. More and more we fall into the “busy trap” and keep our schedules booked every minute of the day. Even leisure time is marked out in scheduled activities.

Is it any surprise that work productivity is suffering and creativity is being stifled?

Sometimes wasting time can be the perfect solution to your working road block. Need ideas on how to “waste time” and find solutions? Here are five ways to escape and refocus.

  1. Working on a new advertising campaign and just not sure what direction to go? Put down the pen and paper and Google funny adverts. Reddit advertising searches are also exceptional for some laughs. Laugh for five minutes and then get back to the task at hand.
  2. Been writing copy for hours and hit that writer’s wall of doom? Get up and walk around the building. Talk about anything that isn’t related to what you are working on. Getting the blood flowing is ideal for starting up the creative engines.
  3. Team members driving you a little nuts? Go in your office, shut the door and do five minutes of meditation. Turn down the lights and listen to nothing more than your breathing. Re-centered, you should be able to rejoin the team and contribute more effectively.
  4. Turn on music and rock out while you work. More and more employers are putting restrictions on streaming music, but studies have shown students who listen to music while studying have more success. Why not more success in the work place with a little music driving the workday?
  5. Go home and leave work at work. With busy schedules, this is easier said than done. But give yourself permission to take the night off. Then make “work talk” off limits. It just might be the ideal escape to refresh you for the next work day.

It’s as true today as it ever was, “all work and no play” makes you dull and being busy will not improve this. It may actually be what’s contributing to your ineffective work patterns. To perform at your best, find out what you need and add it to your routine.

By Modern Postcard

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