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We Can Help You Save Money on Postage

On the heels of the Jan 26th postage increase, you may be looking for ways to save on postage. Good news! We have solutions that will keep money in your pocket so you can focus less on costs and more on running a solid, successful direct mail campaign.

The new First Class Postcard rates are up a penny (now at 34¢) and letter stamps have increased by 3¢ to 49¢. Rather than paying full price for First Class stamps and addressing your cards yourself, you can save time and money by consulting with our experts to find the right-fit mailing solution for you.

Customers who have used our mailing services have saved on average 10-20¢ per piece simply by taking advantage of our automated postal presorting over full, First Class rates. Our services also include duplicate removal and National Change of Address Service, ensuring your list has the most up-to-date address available through the USPS – an added benefit when you mail with Modern.

Our mailing experts can also determine if bulk or non-profit rates would be the best solution for your campaign, reducing your postage costs even more. Or, if you have a large mailing going to a concentrated area, ask us about drop shipping service for even more significant savings.

Does all of this sound complicated? We are here to help make it easy for you! Our reps will walk you through everything from beginning to end to ensure you have all the support and answers you may need, and most importantly, help you save money on postage.

Call a Direct Marketing Specialist at 800.959.8365.

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