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When Customers Attack!

When your Customer Service team takes an angry customer call or your company’s Facebook page gets hit with a not so flattering wall post, what’s the first thing you should do?

Easy. You say, “THANK YOU.” You heard that right. Tell the customer that you appreciate them taking the time to speak up and let you know that they’re not happy. They could have just gone away angry, never purchased from you again and told ALL their friends to avoid your company like the plague.

Instead, they’ve handed you the perfect, golden opportunity. So, once you say thanks, make sure you fix it. Go to extremes if necessary. If you make the effort to change their mind and make them happy, you could wind up with a loyal, lifelong customer who speaks only good things about your company.

If you don’t make the effort, you’ll be right back at square one — or worse.

*Tip: Once you’re back on track with your customer, send a final follow-up to reiterate your commitment to their satisfaction. A handwritten notecard, sent by mail, goes a long way in our digital world!

By Modern Postcard

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